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100 Series – Regulatory Forms

200 Series – Operational Forms

300 Series – Correctional Forms


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Many of the available forms and materials for the Rhode Island Model Legislature are available based on the current viewer of this website via the main navigation menu. All of the basic forms and guides are available below. To access more detailed forms, please login through the “Delegate Area” tab in the top-left menu. If you are unable to view this for any reason, please see the “Contact Us” page for more information. 

Forms that are for Advisors Only will not be viewable, even from this page, by anyone who is not an Advisor. Anyone who files any of the restricted forms, who is not an Advisor, may face sanctions up to and including permanent expulsion from the program (see the Handbook). 

Form Code – Title


Digital Version Link(s)

(If Available)

Paper Version Link(s)

(If Available)

Form 101 – School Registration Form #1

This form must be completed by each Model Legislature advisor annually 

Cannot file via hard-copy.

Form 102 – School Registration Form #2

This form must accompany the check paying the registration fee. Please make check or P.O. out to RISSA.

Cannot file digitally. This form must accompany via mail the registration payment.

Form 103 – Delegate Registration

Use this form to submit the delegates names, parties, and chambers. 

*Advisors only

Cannot file via hard-copy.

Form 104 – Lobbyist, Page, and Clerk Registration

Use this form to submit the names, parties, and chambers of all non-delegate members.

*Advisors only

Cannot file via hard-copy.

Form 105 – Medical Registration

This form is required from all participants.

Cannot file digitally.

Form 106 – Leadership Application

All applicants should have this form typed and brought with them to the interview(s). See schedule.

Cannot file digitally.

Form 202 – Bill Submission

Use this form to submit bills.

*Advisors only

Cannot file via hard-copy.

Form 203 – Checklists

Checklists for the various positions.

Cannot file digitally.

Form 301 – Corrections Request

This form may be submitted to change any information already submitted to the RIML.

*Must use the Ticket System or Bill Reconciliation

Cannot file via hard-copy.