Senate Committee Portal

This portal is for authorized use only. Authorized persons are limited to the Committee Chair(s) of this Committee, State Coordinators, and Administrators. If you are not one of these people, and have accessed this portal in error, please report this to the RIML Administration ([email protected]) immediately and close this window without interacting with this page or any of its links or contents.

Accessing Your Portal

Every Committee Chairperson is given access to a custom portal to manage their committee. This portal is where Chairs will input their Agendas and Final Actions on every piece of legislation assigned to their committee. To view your Committee Portal, click the button below.

File an Amendment

Committee Chairs also have the responsibility of e-filing all amendments passed in their committee. Please note: only submit one form for each bill; in other words, combine the actions of all paper amendments passed in committee into one, singular form submission per bill. Every bill amended should only have one submission for it. Detailed instructions are included in the portal itself. If you are unsure of proceeding, contact the RIML Administration ([email protected]) or put in a support ticket at If you are ready to proceed, click the button below to view the Committee Amendments Portal.