Seating Chart

Seating Chart

Website Migration

The Program is currently transitioning this website from a Managed WordPress to a cPanel WordPress installation. This is intended to remove login and logout issues. If you find broken links/pages, please contact [email protected] to report the outage.

New YouTube Channel

The RIML has developed a YouTube channel to help users learn the new processes and functions of the program. To view the channel, search “Rhode Island Model Legislature” in YouTube, or, visit our Website > Materials > YouTube Channel and you will be redirected.

New Support System

The RIML is proud to announce its new support ticket system, located at or it can be found under the Users tab of the website.

This new support system will allow for better tracking and resolution of problems that occur throughout the year.

New Website

The RIML is proud to announce that is is breaking ground on developing a new website:! This website will become the main web-platform for the program moving forward.